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Project type

Product Design


April 2022


Portland, OR



My goal for this project was to create a family of plastic cachepots that were both aesthetically innovative and functional, while also being affordable for the public. I began by exploring different shapes, textures, finishes, and colors that could make the cachepots stand out and add value to the plant and pot system.

To ensure consistency in style, I designed three different sizes of pot covers, all of which had a modern, elegant look. The diameter of each cachepot fell within the range of 12-25 centimeters, with the height increasing in proportion to the diameter to completely cover the standard cultivation pots.

In addition to creating visually appealing cachepots, I also wanted to add some functional features to the design. For instance, I devised ways for the elements to interact with each other, allowing for more customization and flexibility in the indoor context.

To produce the pot covers, I chose injection molding as the production technology and used plastic materials such as polypropylene and polycarbonate. Throughout the design process, I kept in mind the contest's evaluation criteria, which included aesthetic quality, consistency with the brand, degree of innovation, sales potential, and functionality.

In the end, I presented my proposals to the contest through detailed descriptions and a series of images that best showcased my work. I ensured that the images were in the appropriate aspect ratio and file formats, and I also included high-resolution 3D files to give a complete view of my designs.

Overall, my work on this project showcased my ability to think creatively and practically to meet a design brief's objectives while adhering to specific guidelines and constraints.

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