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Project type

Student Work


May 2019


Eugene, OR



The project I undertook as a student was to create a small electronic device to solve a relevant problem. After searching for ideas, I decided to focus on cardiac care and assessment. I spoke with a number of medical professionals in emergency and primary care roles to identify the challenges in the field. It became clear that cardiac care can be challenging without examination and input from cardiac specialists.

The solution I came up with was the CardioClear cardiac monitoring tool. The device is a traditional stethoscope with additional functionality to communicate the exam results to a more highly trained cardiac specialist. The device's form was influenced by existing medical devices to ensure easy cleaning between patients. The interface is designed with a dial and clickable screen to enable easy and quick control even while wearing gloves and other PPE.

I engaged with potential users, conducted market research, and prototyped a variety of physical models to create the final product. The device can be used as a traditional stethoscope via headphones and can also store and send results to a specialist.

This project was a valuable learning experience for me. It allowed me to understand the importance of user research and problem-solving in creating a successful product. Additionally, the project gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in prototyping and physical modeling.

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