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Drip Trigger

Project type

Practical Effects Trigger


Dec, 2022


Provo, UT


Designer and Consultant

I was tasked with a challenging project for Utah Motion Control that required creating a device capable of releasing one drop of liquid at a time on command. The goal was to capture the droplets' motion as they fell into a designated spot using a robotic camera.

We initially attempted to use an instant valve to release the drops, but we encountered issues with the viscosity of the liquid, which changed based on temperature, resulting in inconsistent drops. We realized we needed to come up with a different solution and consulted with a microfluidics engineer.

With their expertise, we were able to develop a design that utilized a linear actuator and a syringe, resulting in a much more reliable and consistent solution. This project taught me the importance of revisiting a design and conducting extensive research to find the right solution to a problem. I am proud of the results we achieved and thankful for the opportunity to tackle this project.

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