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Project type

Product Design


March 2021


Portland, OR


Design Team Member

I had the pleasure of participating in a student group project tasked with designing e-bike concepts for VVolt, a start-up company. The project began with market research, as we aimed to identify a target user group and design a concept bike that would resonate with them. Through our research, we found a group of individuals who were not early adopters of e-bikes but were influenced by early adopters. We decided to create an advanced concept e-bike that would visually and functionally attract these holdouts in the market.

To achieve this, we created a design language that was minimal, functional, and luxurious. Given that this was a remote group project, we held several video meetings for ideation rounds. Once we agreed on a general design framework, the team divided the parts of the bike and tackled them mostly independently, with some overlap in regard to the general body of the bike. My focus areas were the handlebars, wheels, and the unique drive system.

We took a futuristic approach to the drive system and designed a drive-by-wire drivetrain that had no chain or sprockets. The result was a sleek and innovative bike that caught the attention of our peers and instructors alike. I am especially proud of this project because of the collaborative and supportive work environment that we fostered, and the significant amount of learning that took place during the process.

This project was a valuable addition to my portfolio, showcasing my ability to contribute to a team project, perform market research, create a unique design language, and design and develop specific parts of a complex product. It is one of my all-time favorite design projects, as it allowed me to work with a great team, learn new skills, and make a meaningful contribution to a client's business.

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