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Project type

Student Work


March 2019


Eugene, OR



As someone who loves woodworking, this project was one of my favorites. The goal was to create a set of flatware that not only looked beautiful but also felt comfortable to hold and use.

The project began with research into the key aspects of a good set of flatware, such as weight balance and length. I also conducted research to find a design language that I wanted to pursue and landed upon midcentury modern. Using this style as inspiration, I sketched and determined the basic form of the flatware implements.

​The next step was physical prototyping to determine the appropriate length and diameter of the handles. I worked to ensure that each implement held a similar visual weight, so that each of them would feel like equals when sitting next to one another. Once I had determined the final forms, I created digital drawings that could be used to make templates for the production of the final models.

Finally, I used those templates to hand-carve the final appearance models. I chose to leave a natural wood finish on the set to enhance the midcentury modern feel. The overall form is simple, clean, and comfortable to hold and use.

This project allowed me to apply my existing knowledge and skills in woodworking to create a beautiful and functional set of flatware. It was an opportunity to push my design abilities and explore a design language that I had not worked with before. This project was a great learning experience and reinforced my love for woodworking and product design. The final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to hold and use, making it a perfect addition to any midcentury modern-inspired dining room.

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