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Project type

Student Work


February 2021


Portland, OR


Design Team Member

This was a collaborative student project that I worked on to address child safety concerns. Our team conducted extensive research, including surveys and user interviews, and found that many children lacked a secure place to play outside. After several rounds of ideation, we developed a system consisting of three components: a monitoring device, a tracker, and a phone app. The system allowed parents to keep a close eye on their children while they played in a digitally defined area, ensuring their safety and security.

My specific focus in this project was on the surveillance device, which was designed to be mounted at various locations around the play area. I had the opportunity to work with two talented classmates and gained valuable experience collaborating with them using Figma. Additionally, I developed my skills in user research, which will be useful in future projects. Overall, this project was a great learning experience, as it allowed me to work on a real-world problem and develop a practical solution using IoT devices.

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