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Layer Drop Trigger

Project type

Practical Effects Trigger


Sep, 2021


Portland, OR


Designer and Consultant

This was one of my most technically challenging projects for Utah Motion Control. The client requested a pneumatically powered device that could be controlled through their robotic software, with the purpose of capturing high-speed shots for commercials featuring layered food products like sandwiches or pancakes. This project demanded extensive research and development to devise a design that could work efficiently and consistently.

After several rounds of prototyping, I utilized a rotational pneumatic actuator to achieve the necessary speed for the device's arms to clear stacked food items. This allowed us to meet the client's requirements and deliver a successful product. I gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge about using pneumatic systems through this project, especially with pistons and solenoids.

I am proud of the final product and happy to say that it has been added to the client's trigger library. This project not only challenged me technically but also provided me with the opportunity to develop and refine my research and development skills.

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