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Douglas Chair

Project type

Student Work


October 2019


Eugene, OR



As a student project, this seating design was a deeply rewarding and challenging experience. Starting with the prompt to create a seating object, I spent time researching and studying works of midcentury designers to establish a clear design language that resonated with me. This ultimately led me to the works of Charles and Ray Eames, who served as a great source of inspiration for the project.

Throughout the process, I explored various woodworking techniques, including steam bending and laminating wood to achieve organic and structurally sound components. I visited a facility that produces plywood veneer, where I purchased a selection of Douglas fir to use in the project. The challenge of the project was to create a furniture-quality product using Douglas fir, which is primarily used for framing material.

After numerous rounds of sketching and ideation, I started creating physical prototypes, which allowed me to refine my design through hands-on experimentation. I ultimately created a 3D model of the chair, which served as a blueprint for the final product.

To create the leg components, I used the 3D model to generate bending templates and steam-bent the Douglas fir to create the required shapes. For the seat and back, I used CNC milling to cut the components out of solid blocks of Douglas fir, refining them until they met my high standards for quality and precision.

The project taught me invaluable skills in woodworking and prototyping, including how to use a CNC mill, which I've since applied in numerous projects. Overall, this was a truly rewarding experience that allowed me to develop my skills in furniture design and produce a high quality product that I'm proud to showcase in my portfolio.

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