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Turntable Trigger

Project type

Practical Effects Trigger


November 2022


Provo, UT


Product Design, Set Design, Consulting

This project involved creating a rotating platform with up to three independently rotating platforms on top for Utah Motion Control. The objective was to design a device that could be controlled with their robot camera system, which required me to learn about the basics of stepper motors and wiring harnesses to ensure successful integration with the existing system.

The design process involved over a month of consultation to determine the best construction approach, followed by collaboration with the Utah Motion Control team to fabricate the device. The finished product has proven to be a valuable addition to their catalog of practical effect triggers, thanks to its versatility and ability to exchange the top surface with various materials based on the specific film shoot requirements.

As a result of this project, I have expanded my knowledge and expertise in the area of stepper motors and wiring harnesses. I am proud to have contributed to the success of this project and to have provided a functional solution that met the client's needs. This project has been an excellent addition to my portfolio, showcasing my skills and experience in product design and engineering.

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