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Spin Launch Trigger

Project type

Practical Effects Trigger


Nov, 2022


Provo, UT


Designer and Consultant

I had the opportunity to work on an exciting project for Utah Motion Control, where I served as a consultant on a practical effects trigger. The project aimed to create a pneumatically powered device that could be easily controlled through existing software. The device was designed to launch and rotate a variety of products to be filmed at high speeds, a critical aspect of the filming process for commercials and other productions.

Throughout the project, I worked closely with the team to ensure that the device functioned as expected. However, we encountered several challenges due to the intense forces that the system placed on some components. We had to develop innovative solutions and integrate them into the design to ensure that the device performed reliably.

One of the highlights of this project was the opportunity to work on set and gain invaluable experience troubleshooting the device and interacting with other professionals in the film industry. It was a rewarding experience, and I learned a lot about designing practical effects triggers and collaborating with a team to bring a project to fruition.

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