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Drop Trigger

Project type

Practical Effects Trigger


Feb, 2023


Provo, UT


Designer and Consultant

As a product design professional, I was approached by Utah Motion Control with a unique challenge: to create a device that would enable them to drop products straight down without any rotational movement, in order to capture consistent and high-quality shots of products falling into various objects. To tackle this challenge, I worked closely with the team at Utah Motion Control to develop a Pneumatic component that would incorporate an integrated spring, allowing for quick and precise movement of the arm to catch and release the product.

The design of this component was critical, as it needed to be easily triggerable through the company's existing robotic software. After extensive testing and iteration, we were able to deliver a solution that exceeded Utah Motion Control's expectations, providing them with the ability to capture flawless shots of products falling into various objects. The success of this project is evident in the fact that this solution has been utilized in a wide range of different scenarios and applications.

Overall, this project was an exciting opportunity to showcase my expertise in product design and problem-solving, and I am proud of the results that were achieved. The solution we delivered not only met the specific needs of Utah Motion Control but also demonstrated the power of innovative design in addressing complex challenges in a variety of industries.

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